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Custom Dental Night Guards in Thousand Oaks

Night guards in Thousand Oaks

Are you grappling with teeth grinding during your serene slumber or other disruptive sleep habits? The solution lies in consulting with a dentist.

At Lombard Dental Studio in Thousand Oaks, we strive to assist you in finding the right night teeth guards, custom-made specifically for you. These oral devices minimize jaw stress and shield your soft tissues from additional damage during sleep. In addition to their protective qualities, these dental tools also serve as a reminder to cease teeth grinding while you're sleeping.

Understanding Custom-made Night Teeth Guards

A dental guard is a bespoke device designed to shield your teeth from overzealous degradation. Custom-made night guards for teeth often address prevalent oral health issues like grinding, clenching, and misaligned jaws. These mouthguards come in various types, such as custom-made, pre-made, and intra-oral devices. 

A custom guard is tailor-made for your mouth by your dentist and is secured by a removable retainer. Primarily worn during sleep, it doesn't interfere with your ability to eat or drink. 

Pre-Made Night Guards

Pre-made devices are ready-to-use devices designed for specific conditions like teeth grinding or snoring. These are often a suitable alternative for patients with minor dental issues, in contrast to custom-made night guards for teeth.

Night teeth guards at Lombard Dental Studio

TMJ Night Guards

A TMJ night guard is a specialized design meant to treat TMJ disorder. If you experience discomfort in your jaw joint, headaches, or earaches due to TMJ, this type of dental instruments can help alleviate these symptoms. A TMJ guard typically combines plastic and soft, latex-free material, while standard night devices from dentists are usually made of plastic. These can be prescribed by your dentist or another medical professional.

Invisalign Night Guard

Invisalign employs a sequence of transparent aligners that progressively and subtly adjust misaligned teeth to their proper positions. However, some patients may feel discomfort from the pressure of the trays. In these cases, wearing a guard for grinding teeth at night, alongside the Invisalign trays, can distribute the pressure across the face, relieving discomfort. With a visit to Lombard Dental Studio in Thousand Oaks, you can make a significant difference in your oral health. Reach out to us to explore the various types of teeth guard for night available and find the one that suits you best.

Dental night guards in Thousand Oaks


What is a Night Guard? 

A night guard serves as a dental shield that is typically utilized during one's sleep period. It's explicitly crafted to combat issues like bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding, or excessive teeth clenching. The role of this dental appliance is to avert potential deterioration and damage to the teeth and jaw caused by these conditions. Furthermore, night guards are known to help mitigate any pain or discomfort in the jaw associated with such conditions. Generally fabricated from robust plastic material, they are most commonly employed for nighttime use, but can also be utilized during the day if advised by a dental expert.

How to Clean a Night Guard? 

To clean your mouthguard, start by rinsing it after each use and letting it air-dry. Then, brush it gently with a toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste. You can also soak it in a solution of mouthwash and water. Remember to keep it in a clean case when not in use.

How Much Does a Night Guard Cost?

The cost of a night guard varies significantly based on whether it's custom-made by a dentist or bought off the shelf. It's advisable to consult with your dentist to understand which option is the most suitable and cost-effective for your specific needs.

Teeth guard for night

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